Study and exam improvement

Get the most from your studies and gain an extra edge in relation to exam taking. 


Nothing that goes into your mind is ever really lost or forgotten but do you sometimes get in your own way when exam time arrives by letting anxieties get the better of you?


Would you like to actually enjoy studying plus look forward to exams with confident and joyful excitement/anticipation? Hypnosis can get you there! 

Confidence in public speaking

Do you dread public speaking? What would it be like to enjoy it instead? Yes that’s right you can actually ENJOY yourself the next time you need to give a talk/lecture/presentation! 

Learn self hypnosis

 The elite ruling classes of this world have long known the power of the subconscious mind, and have used that power to control the masses.


This is the information they don’t want you to have.






No you cannot get stuck in hypnosis. Sometimes a person may go so deep that they don’t actually want to emerge right away because they’ve just never felt that good before and don’t want to let go of it but that’s their choice and if just left to their own devices will eventually emerge on their own anyway.

In hypnosis you’re always aware of what’s happening. You may not remember some things after your session, but during your session you were definitely very aware and so if you don’t feel there’s a valid reason to share something then you won’t.

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state. You’ve already experienced varying levels of hypnosis thousands of times throughout the course of your life. Relax. It’s not an issue as long as you comply with the instructions that you receive, you’ll get where you need to be.

YES! Absolutely. With hypnosis you can experience greater recall in relation to studies and exam taking.

E.g. suggestions for better study and exam experience coupled with self-hypnosis will put you in the proper position for relaxed success. Many successful people use self-hypnosis to more easily achieve their goals.

No. In all fairness I feel that just about any professional hypnotist would understand not guaranteeing sessions/outcomes.

Would you expect your doctor to give guarantees? I think not. While I have absolute faith in the power of hypnosis, the individual that I work with will have their own unique personality and for some hidden reason may not even really want the session to succeed.

Yes all sessions are video recorded.

If your session is just recreational e.g. Past Life Regression, Hyno-Vacation, etc then you’ll receive a free copy but if your session is geared for therapeutic impact then you won’t receive a copy as it may not be beneficial for your ultimate, successful, and permanent change. A Change-Work recording simply remains in the office file as a reference point if it is ever needed by our office.

What Else Can Hypnosis Be Used For?

  • Increase Your Earning Potential!
  • Achieve Your Goals More Easily!
  • Overcome Stage Fright & Public Speaking!
  • Improve Your Memory!
  • Improve Your Ability To Learn, Remember,  Memorize!
  • Boost Your Creativity!
  • Develop A Dynamic Personality!
  • Develop Motivation!
  • Correct Behaviors That Prevent You From Being Your Best!
  • Improve Your Sports Abilities!
  • Recreate Your Personality!
  • Recreate Your Life!
  • Become More Confident!
  • Develop An “I Can Do It” Attitude!
  • Take Control Of Your Life Experience!
  • Reprogram Your Way To Success!
  • You Are More Powerful Than You Realize!
  • Open Your Mind!
  • Deepen Your Spiritual Experiences!
  • Improve Your People Skills!
  • Eliminate Self-Defeating Behaviors!
  • Overcome Bad Habits!
  • Create Good Habits!
  • Improve Your Ability To Relax!
  • Change/Improve Your Outlook On Life!
  • Develop A “Winner” Attitude!